But Wait, There’s More!

8 thoughts on “But Wait, There’s More!”

  1. I love taking a stroll with you around your town. Your dedication to small businesses and local restaurants seems to connect you more deeply to your home there. Having relationships with shop owners is special and I can tell you and Won treasure that. ❤️


    1. You are absolutely right, Deb. I think we have become too accustomed to the “convenience,” but anonymity of large stores and online buying. Getting to know these people makes the experience of shopping so much more pleasant and rewarding. I’m happy I have the chance to change that now (plus it’s far more eco-friendly!). 💚


  2. Everything looks so perfect. Where are the electric poles? The gas stations. the dry cleaners, big stores. It does look like a fairy kingdom with no ugly parking lots and large boring buildings however life persists In having these pragmatic things to exist. When we were in Europe, all those things were hidden because everyone walked. Hope Home Depot doesn’t read your blogs Beth and Starbucks too. They’ll ruin it all.


      1. Hi Glenn! What a delight to hear from you. I’m so happy to learn that you are enjoying my posts. ☺️ I hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy. Please stay in touch.


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