Madeira (Part 1) – Surprises and Disappointments

8 thoughts on “Madeira (Part 1) – Surprises and Disappointments”

  1. Looking forward to Part 2!
    P.S. Portugal unfortunately did not advance after that tie. They lost to Serbia a few days later which resulted in not automatically qualifying for the World Cup. Instead they will be playing in a playoff round in order to advance.


    1. Hi John, re: Portugal and their FIFA World Cup pursuit…I know, such a bummer. The team acknowledged after that game with Serbia that they didn’t play as well as they could/should have. Now we have to wait until March of next year (!!) to see if they advance. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for them. On a related topic, one of the things I have been wanting to do since moving here is to attend a top tier football match, but COVID has been the barrier for that goal. I think we’ll wait until the spring to check that off the wish list, though. One thing is for certain, when we do attend, I plan to have a pair of ear plugs with me!!


  2. Beautiful scenery as usual. The Inn where you stayed looked adorable.
    Those basket rides seem like they would be so much fun! Love it! XO, Jeanne


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