Madeira (Part 2) – Stunning Gardens, Coastlines, and Mountains

6 thoughts on “Madeira (Part 2) – Stunning Gardens, Coastlines, and Mountains”

  1. Breathtaking, spectacular, and amazing. Every time I read and see the pictures you take I don’t think they can be any more beautiful but they are. The bridges, beaches, tunnels and painted doors are amazing. Love your new jewelry too. So glad you guys are able to take advantage of this paradise. XO, Jeanne


    1. Thank you!! I’m so happy you are enjoying my posts. Sometimes I think I don’t have much in the way of photos until I start to go through them all and then I have a hard time choosing which ones! There were so many more painted door pictures, but I thought I was pushing it with the number I decided to post. 🙄 I feel very blessed to be living here and in a position to enjoy so much. Sending you loads of love!


    1. Too corny?!! Not even possible! You have no idea how corny Won is (and, oftentimes me, I will confess). Sending you and Trudy our love. We hope you have a magical, healthy holiday season and an adventurous, fun 2022. 💚


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