Pictures of Our New Home…Finally!

29 thoughts on “Pictures of Our New Home…Finally!”

    1. Oh well, at least you can enjoy all your hard work for a few weeks before you head north. Please stay safe when you travel. Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season. ❤️


  1. Looks great! I feel your pain about waiting for furniture. Here in Canada, we ordered a couch in early July, and we just received a phone call that it will be arriving on Dec. 15 🙂


  2. Congratulations, looks lovely, I am sure you will both be very happy there.
    Is it possible that your table-top is cracking because it is too dry? Any oil will help until you find some at the furniture shop; we have had similar problems … even cooking oil works.


  3. Hello Beth! Thank you for sharing your experience and the wonderful pictures of your new home. You are giving me some ideas…do you have a website for lamps that you can recommend? We have been waiting for our shipment container and it is scheduled to be delivered to us this Friday! So nervous! : ) I am so happy to find a lot of window decor und upholstery services in the area once the furniture are settled to complete the final touches. I am more like a deer in the headlights when it comes to decorating…wish me luck!


    1. How exciting!! It is so much fun to finally have your own things around you and get settled into your new home. The site I used for the lamps is called Maison du Monde. The site dedicated to Portugal is: (you can select English as a language choice). They have loads of options in many different styles. One important tip if you haven’t ordered a lot of furniture or decor from websites is to measure, measure, measure. Sending you and your family best wishes for this Holiday Season. And, welcome to Portugal!!


      1. Thank you so much Beth! I would also like to wish you and your family the best wishes for the Holidays. Thank you for your wonderful blog. It is so detailed and informative and the pictures you add are a treat.


  4. So happy to have found this blog! Your home is lovely. I’m a US retiree who will be starting the D7 Visa process here in 2022, with hopes of being able to move to Sesimbra, PT, in June 2022. No idea if that’s a realistic timeframe or not. No appointment with consulate here yet. I’m going to read all your posts to learn your story and pick up any advice. Obrigada!


    1. Hi there! You’re going to LOVE it!! It’s a bit hard to estimate the amount of time to get your visa, but the sooner you begin to pull your documentation together, the faster it will happen. My youngest brother submitted his application about 6 weeks ago and hasn’t heard anything yet. Where in the US are you based?

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      1. I’m in Ohio. I was told to submit my application in person at my appointment at the consulate in DC. Since I won’t be ready to move until June 2022, and the visa is only good for 4 months, I don’t want to make an appointment any earlier than February. Fingers crossed 😊


  5. The black/white buffet/console underneath the round mirror is lovely. I’ve been coveting a similar item from Mitchell Gold @ ~$2000!
    Hoping it goes on sale.
    Did you paint the green wall or did it come that way? I thought the “Bendy man” was life sized given the perspective,until I clicked on the image & saw that the sculpture was sitting on a table! I wondered how you got a huge sculpture into the apartment! ha ha Good name – “Naked Neo”!
    The place looks both stylish and comfortable. As always Sweet Pea is a star.


    1. Hi Leslie, they have the exact same sideboard for sale here (and for a bit less, around $1750.00 – I think you might be paying a premium for the M&G name). The inlay on my sideboard is ethically sourced bone so it doesn’t look black and white, but more black and cream with a ton of variation in the colors. White would have been too stark a contrast with the organic, natural look of the room. Apparently, the one you like, is also inlaid with bone and also ethically sourced so if you are looking for stark white, you might keep that in mind. Yes, I painted the wall that color. The room was large enough to handle a bold color and I wanted something to ground the room and provide a focal point. We love it. Thank you for your kind compliments. Wishing you and your family a magical, merry, and memorable Holiday Season!


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