The Moving Mountains of Nazaré

11 thoughts on “The Moving Mountains of Nazaré”

  1. Oh wow, you got to see this event! I have watched video clips and it is amazing what these surfers can do. Its a tricky one to ever see in person unless you live there!
    Happy holidays!


      1. We are SOOOOO glad!! I know I would have been kicking myself if we didn’t go. It was totally worth it; however, it cost us about $95.00 in gas (premium fuel is very expensive here) and another $60.00 in tolls for both days. It wasn’t cheap. I’m glad we didn’t have to pay to see the event. 🙄


  2. Wow, I can’t imagine Redondo Beach having waves even close to those monsters. How very cool to see people tackle them. It’s a gorgeous city and coastline, and those stone streets are so charming. I was hoping to see the photo that caused you to “break the rules”. You certainly didn’t stay in bed and pamper yourself while you had bronchitis, and your two adventures didn’t seem to set you back.
    Hugs, Deb ❤️


    1. The picture of me breaking the rules is in there. Look again. It is the very last picture in the post (there is a notation on the photo calling it out). I’m wearing a backpack and a hat so it doesn’t look much like me, but it is. I’m all better (finally!!!). Looking forward to catching up with you, Kathryn, and Marchele on our video call this Sunday. Hugs!!


  3. Another awesome post, Beth! I had not heard of Nazare until early this year. I joined a Portuguese dating/meet friends site in preparation for my move (lol!), and to help me practice the language. I started communicating with a guy from Nazare, and when I said I wasn’t familiar with it, he sent a long message about this surfing event, which sounds incredible. I eventually gave up on the site, but did look at some rentals there, online. They seem very cheap for beachfront flats, so I wondered if Nazare has some sketchy residential areas. Definitely looks like a fun place to visit!


  4. OMG!! I wouldn’t be able to watch this event in person. Just watching the video made me too anxious. I am not a fan of water and these people are fearless. I am sure it is extremely mind-boggling to the viewers. The photography alone made me almost sea sick. Thanks for sharing. Your knowledge of the event was amazing. Take care. Love, Aunt Dianna


    1. I know what you mean when you said the images made you feel sea sick. 🤢 Especially if water makes you nervous. Thank you for the compliment regarding my knowledge of the event. I have been wanting to see this event for so long, I have been reading and researching about it to learn more. I am just fascinated by it all. Having that knowledge increases my appreciation of and for what they do. However, you can take a deep breath and relax now, we are not planning to attend any extreme sports events in the immediate future. The two that are currently on my bucket list (an F1 car race, which is BIG here in Portugal, and a top tier football match, aka soccer) are currently on the back burner. I think it’s best to stay away from big crowds until the world can tamp down this latest upsurge due to the omicron variant in the battle against COVID. I hope you have (or are planning to get) your booster shot. Take care and Merry Christmas.


      1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Won. Looking forward to following your adventures in the new year!
        Much love.


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