We’re Moving!

Wait! What? Why?! We weren’t planning on moving, but it all came together really fast. The whole process was kind of crazy. Oh…and we’re not moving back to the US, just to the next town. Knowing that we like where we live, you might be wondering why we have decided to move. Good question. WeContinue reading “We’re Moving!”

A 4th Edition of…

As always, gird your loins, I’m all over the place… Inequality of the sexes… Not too long ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table thinking about how really crappy it is that at the tender age of 12 or 13 girls have to deal with monthly menstruations (stay with me…) which includes cramping, headaches,Continue reading “A 4th Edition of…”

Captivating Cascais

Always have a Plan B… Soooo, at the end of last week’s blog I promised pictures of the Palácio e Jardins do Marquês de Pombal. Won and I got up Tuesday morning and got ourselves ready. We took Sweet Pea for an extended walk to tire her out and dropped her back at home. BeforeContinue reading “Captivating Cascais”

One Down, One to Go!

…we are checking “Getting our vaccines” off the to do list… I know not everyone has had a seamless experience when trying to get a vaccine, but the process Won and I had went pretty flawlessly. Late last year, when news that vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency would begin flowing into the countryContinue reading “One Down, One to Go!”

Did you know…

…these interesting tidbits about Portugal? I periodically come across really interesting facts about Portugal and thought it would be fun to do some additional research and see what else I could learn. I have pulled them all together to share with you. Let’s start with an “oldie, but goodie” just in case this fact hasContinue reading “Did you know…”

Day Tripping Down to Lagos

…Lagos, Portugal, not Nigeria. The pandemic has been awful. We all agree on that point. However, there have been some oddly good things that have come from it – at least for Won and me. We have saved a lot of money. With limited to non-existent entertainment options, rarely eating out, and the inability toContinue reading “Day Tripping Down to Lagos”

The Iconic Lisbon Tram 28

What a fun experience! Won and I have lived in Portugal for just over 15 months now and our last – and only visitors (blasted virus!!!) – came to visit just six weeks after we arrived. My darling niece and her wonderful boyfriend came to Lisbon on the very last weekend of February 2020 afterContinue reading “The Iconic Lisbon Tram 28”

The Architecture of Portugal

It is as varied and captivating as the history of this amazing country… After last week’s post on Pena Palace, I received a request from a friend who expressed a desire to know more about the architecture in Portugal (thanks, Taffy!). The timing was perfect because the weather this week has been mostly overcast andContinue reading “The Architecture of Portugal”

Colorful, Fanciful, Romantic Pena Palace

We learn some things the hard way… Palácio da Pena (Pena Palace) is easily one of the most recognizable palaces in Portugal. Perched atop one of the tallest parts of the Sintra Mountains, the palace can be seen from Lisbon on a clear day. With its bright colors and fairytale-like shape it’s not too hardContinue reading “Colorful, Fanciful, Romantic Pena Palace”