Discovering the Peace and Tranquility of Early Morning

…which is entirely new to me. Before all you cheery-dispositioned, wide-awake, conquer-the-world-the-minute-you-get-out-of-bed types give me a hard time, let me say that I have never been a morning person. Even the day I was born I chose to enter the world at 9AM; a reasonable and very civil time of day. That auspicious beginning established … Continue reading Discovering the Peace and Tranquility of Early Morning

Chefs on Fire

A festival that celebrates the most elemental cooking technique in human history…fire Across the country of Portugal, in small and large towns, a wide variety of festivals take place year round to celebrate the most amazing range of topics, like music, religion, sardines, sculpture, chocolate, gay pride, and wellness – and that’s just the tip … Continue reading Chefs on Fire

Home Sweet Home

Our tiny AirBnB cottage was just what we needed while we searched for an apartment to rent. It was set on a piece of property about 30 minutes outside Lisbon and nestled in a little valley with small plots of land where people grew their vegetables and fruits. Upon arrival we were not only greeted … Continue reading Home Sweet Home