A Much-Needed Shot in the Arm

So, what is the vaccination plan and how is it going in Portugal? If you have already received a vaccination shot- or better yet, two – congratulations!! The rest of us are hoping to do the same as soon as possible. It will be a relief to start reversing the mental, physical, and economic damageContinue reading “A Much-Needed Shot in the Arm”

Moving to Another Country During a Pandemic

Not surprisingly it adds another layer of difficulty… Anyone who has ever moved as an adult knows how disruptive it can be. In addition to unpacking, you also have to find a new doctor, dentist and dry cleaner. Find and memorize a new grocery store and optimal traffic route to work/school. Rearrange your kitchen sixContinue reading “Moving to Another Country During a Pandemic”

I’ll Try the Red

Learning about Portuguese wine has been overwhelming, but fun! Back in 2009/2010 I worked for a company called Vinfolio. If you appreciate, purchase, enjoy and/or collect fine wine, you should check them out. When I joined Vinfolio they offered three primary services, 1) a cellarage operation, 2) online store, and 3) Vincellar, a free cellarContinue reading “I’ll Try the Red”

Another Reason to Smile

It was time to see the dentist… Last October when we were in Porto I managed to chip a previously repaired front tooth. I didn’t even realize it at the time (and neither did Won, which makes me wonder if he’s ever really looking at me, but that would pull me off topic). In fairness,Continue reading “Another Reason to Smile”

Our Average Monthly Expenses

Thought you might find it interesting to see what it costs us to live here… Before you jump ahead and take a peek at our average monthly expenses, I think it is important to state that these expenses reflect our lifestyle choices and preferences. We are both retired and have no dependent children, only SweetContinue reading “Our Average Monthly Expenses”

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Perhaps I should have said, a light at the end of the car… As mentioned in last week’s post, Won and I were super happy that we had finally come up with all the necessary documents to get our car through the customs and registration process in order to avoid paying a significant tax penaltyContinue reading “A Light at the End of the Tunnel”

Driving Me Crazy!

Little did we know that getting the car on to Portuguese soil was going to be the easy part… Back in late July of 2019, when we were applying for our visas at the Portuguese Consulate in Newark New Jersey, we mentioned that we were thinking of shipping one of our cars. We asked theContinue reading “Driving Me Crazy!”

The First Noel

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Christmas is already upon us. What a head-spinning realization. One year ago we were in New Jersey and just a few short weeks from leaving the country. We were busy making our lists and checking them twice, trying to find out how naughty or nice United AirlinesContinue reading “The First Noel”

Navigation Irritation

What do you do when something you take for granted is no longer there… We were super excited to pick up our car from the importer on February 19. I happily followed Won back to our place in the BMW, while he drove the rental car. When we got home I had him snap aContinue reading “Navigation Irritation”